Friday, January 13, 2012

How to update drivers your Computer

Many people not understand yet how to update drivers their laptops, netbook or PC, here, i will bring to you about computer update driver.
1. To install or update driver you must have driver for device you want to install or update. If you haven't, you can downloading on internet ( with this blog ).
2. After that, choose file set up ( .exe format usually ) and double click this file
3. And than you can see install progress, use "next job" and finish, you must restart system for get perfect effect.
4. To see that your driver install correctly, you must check in device manager. Right Click My computer and left click properties, and choose device manager. There, you can see all device on your computer, if no attribute a like '!" or '?' so you have installed correctly your device driver and your computer will work normally.

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