Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A busy week with BIOS on CQ40 problem

Hi all,
you may notice that i didn't reply some of your comments and I'm really sorry about that, i hope you can wait till i have the time to reply.

CQ40 and BIOS
what i have in my hand now is CQ40-125AX which black out screen and blinking CPS LOCK AND NUMLOCK. Sure ill try other thing such as clean all the hardware and try to boot, but it just the same. So tomoorow i flash BIOS for this model, simply download the BIOS file and rename the bios file to BIN and ROM. for this model you just simply take out the battery and power chord, press winodwsa button with B (WINDOWS + B) and insert the power chord, press start and when LED light up release both start and key combination, wait for few beeps its done.
The funny thing is the time taken to flash is depend on the size of the pendrive, sadly tonight my friend and both don't have that (i lost it for about 10 times now and he have external HDD), so it is so absurd to use 500GB storage to flash BIOS, because there are many BIOS set to test with, so just imagine if 1 BIOS file take 1 hour... i think it is better to play angry birds.

Whenever there is a problem about computer, i spend time to understand it, research about it and make conclusion. So sometime for one problem, it can take 2 -3 days to figure it out. I can easily solve some problem which i already knew the solution, for new thing and new problem, i need time for that, whenever someone asking for help, ill try my best to assist as much as i can, it is like they asked me for food, if i can't give them food, at least i can give them drinks.

PS: 1000 problems about computers can only give you headache, but a human with few problems can lead to suicide.

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